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Using VMware - Angelica - 2021-06-21

To play with two GTA accounts on one computer you need a pretty powerful PC. I tested this on an i7 2700 and with two accounts running at the same time the one in VMware ran with 15-30 fps which isn't great. But you can drive a car and go to the casino and spin the lucky wheel. But shooting isn't great!

The VM ware session took 50% of my CPU and the normal GTA took 30% so it kinda works. So 20% for everything else - Windows 10 included.

I created a VM session with 300Gb hard disk space - 200 Mb will do but a little extra space sometimes comes handy in. I set the graphic to use 2 Gb on my Nvidia GTX 1070 TI and I normally only use 1 Gb on my 'real' session. But they have to share the 8 Gb available graphics memory on the graphics card.

I definitely recommend a more powerful CPU than mine if you want to play with 2 GTA accounts :-)